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Herbal tea cut

Prickly pear flowers from organic farming dried at low temperatures. Rich in gallic acid, polyphenols, magnesium, vitamin C and betalain, they are used to fight kidney stones and colic. They also exert an important antispasmodic action on the intestine and spleen and have important diuretic properties.


- Antioxidant power

- Anti-inflammatory

- Analgesic

- Anti-ulcerative


- Gallic acid 4900 mg/100g

- Quercetin 709 mg/100g

- Isormanetine 3-O ribinobioside 4269 mg/100g

- Kaempferol 324 mg/100g

  • Cultivation: Certified organic
  • Availability period: August/September
  • Packaging:
    Aluminum bag 5kg
    Bag 25kg

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