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Flowers > OpuntiaFlower A

OpuntiaFlower A

Prickly pear flowers from organic farming dehydrated at low temperature. Very rich in gallic acid, polyphenols, magnesium and vitamin C, they are used to fight kidney stones and colic. They also exert an important antispasmodic action on the intestine and spleen and have important diuretic properties. Full flower format


- Antioxidant power

- Anti-inflammatory

- Analgesic

- Anti-ulcerative


- Gallic acid 4900 mg/100g

- Quercetin 709 mg/100g

- Isormanetine 3-O ribinobioside 4269 mg/100g

- Kaempferol 324 mg/100g

  • Cultivation: Certified organic
  • Availability: Whole year, subject to stock
  • Packaging:
    Aluminum bag 5kg
    Bag 25kg