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Cladodes > Gel extracts > OpuntiaGel 100

OpuntiaGel 100

OpuntiaGel pure and integral of prickly pears from organic cultivation mechanically and cold extracted.
The gel is found inside the cladodes of the plant and is used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food sectors.


- Antioxidant

- Gastric protector

- Hunger suppressant

- Cholesterol regulator

- Lipid regulator

- Hypoglycemic

- Dietary supplement

- Bacteriostatic

- Cicatrizing


- ORAC 1038 µmol TE/100g

- Nichel free

- OGM free

- Polysaccharides 532 mg eq. xilosio/g

- Total polyphenols 18,6 mg GAE g-1

- Calcium (Ca) 1271 ppm

- Potassium (K) 1250 ppm

- Magnesium (Mg) 350 ppm

  • Cultivation: Certified organic cultivation
  • Availability period: Whole year, subject to stock
  • Packaging:
    Tank 5lt
    Tank 25lt
    Drum 210lt
    Cistern IBC 1000lt

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